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VDMA 24 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2018 Most open-pit mines face similar, significant challenges, such as extreme operating conditions and decreasing ore grades. In addi- tion to the expected wear and tear on equipment, they must also move more rock to produce the same amount of metal or coal, which increases the mine's operating costs. Today, many open-pit miners are looking toward automation and machine-to-machine communi- cations to improve safety and streamline loading processes. When it's time to service these large mining machines, it's im- portant to have the proper components for replacement, all of the additional parts, and the right tools to get the job done as safely and quickly as possible. Mines for the most part have developed rather impressive maintenance programs, many of which have al- ready made the digital transformation away from the paper trail of work orders. Now some are looking to further develop apps for personal devices that will take this initiative one step further. Most importantly, however, is the cost per ton. Large equipment represents economies of scale. While automation and reduced down- time related to maintenance are extremely important to keep this equipment loading and hauling, adopting the best extraction method is equally important. Allowing waste rock to enter the processing stream, also known as dilution, can also increase the cost per ton. Being able to mine selectively is as important today as it was 100 years ago. Smart Haulage and Loading Solutions Liebherr Mining Equipment certainly understands Smart Mining principles. In November, the company unveiled a new autonomous haulage solution at a trade show in Cologne, Germany. Testing an initial prototype since 2016, its autonomous haulage development program is well under way and Liebherr plans to begin field trials at a customer site in 2019. "We will offer three options to support various customer approach- es to autonomy," said Bryant Ward, executive vice president of engi- neering and development, Liebherr Mining Equipment. "Some custom- ers would like a single supplier to do everything in a turnkey approach. Others want multiple supply options and are prepared for a larger integration effort. In this way, Liebherr will deliver the most flexible and cost-effective way to achieve an autonomous haulage solution." Liebherr intends to provide an open architecture allowing mining companies flexibility with respect to the level of OEM content and integration from Liebherr to compliment their existing invest- ments in fleet management and telemetry. This approach will allow mining companies to use Liebherr equipment along with other equip- ment and choose the most suitable suppliers for third-party solutions, Ward explained. For example, Liebherr's new autonomous ready-haul trucks will be compatible with the Mobius, autonomous command and control platform provided by Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI). Liebherr has addressed the mining industry's need for interop- erability and openness. Its decision to work with ASI means that the company's autonomous equipment can be controlled under an OEM agnostic command system, providing a high degree of flexibility for mining companies that will likely be looking to integrate other au- tonomous vehicles throughout a mine site. Liebherr manufactures large equipment for open-pit mines, in- cluding haul trucks designed to handle payloads as great as 363 met- ric tons (mt) as well as mining-class excavators. Liebherr has recently placed several of its largest truck at mines in Latin America. A new Technology Improves Open-pit Mining Using new intelligent tools, miners pursue automation with haulage and maintenance as well as selective mining All three pieces of Liebherr mining equipment work together to move more rock.

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