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VDMA 22 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2019 Unlike a conventional gear motor assembly, no additional infra- structure is required for installation, and eliminating the gearbox from the motor significantly reduces the number of main wear parts, increasing the GCD drivetrain's expected lifespan by more than 10 years compared with traditional geared systems. Upfront invest- ment may be up to 30% higher, but savings in maintenance, energy costs and downtime equate to an typical return on investment of less than one or two years. During one year of operation, ABB measured a 6% energy saving and 100% availability of the drive with just two hours inspection. "The results from the first project reveal the solution's wide ap- plicability," Richter confirms. "It is designed to work in all mines. The drive assembly has a relatively compact footprint which is smaller than a conventional gearless system with a synchronous motor. That allows a GCD system with less weight and footprint." Leading-edge drive technology is also the driving force behind ABB's partnership with Komatsu. The Japanese multinational de- ploys next-generation ABB low voltage drives in its electric rope shovels. The AC Drives with direct torque control (DTC) provide more power in the same footprint, fulfilling the highest dynamic require- ments, and resulting in an efficient load cycle and dig time. Komatsu reports faultless performance and maximum uptime for two 4100XPC machines powered by ABB's new ACS880 series drives in operation under full load production since last November. "ABB has supplied the most powerful mining machine available on the market to Komatsu during the companies' successful 15-year cooperation, and continuous improvement has led to a highly reli- able system with an effective global service," said Boris Rathmann, ABB product manager for shovels and draglines. The company now has more than 100 shovel and dragline AC drive units in operation worldwide, including over 90 with Komatsu and P&H Mining, and has carried out the successful implementa- tion and operation of the next generation of mining drives on the global product platform ACS880. "The mining version of the industrial product platform ACS880 has also been modified with about 30 different items to offer a more robust solution for extreme conditions in hard rock mining," explains Rathmann. "In particular, the IGBT Power Semi-Conduc- tor has been adapted with a special sealing against dust and humidity; this is essential for the high requirements for live time of the equipment." ABB envisages the mine of the future to be digitalized and autonomous with an minimized CO 2 -footprint. Digitalization could save the sector $373 billion by 2025, boosting productivity and safety, and reducing waste. ABB supplies leading-edge drive technology to Komatsu for its rope shovels. A BRAND OF THE RUD GROUP TIME TO CUT YOUR TYRE COST PROTECT AND SAVE YOUR TYRES USING ERLAU TYRE PROTECTION CHAINS BEST OF ERLAU 08. - 14. 04. 2019 München | Munich Halle A5.202 Erlau AG 73431 Aalen / Germany WWW.ERLAU.COM

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