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VDMA 26 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2019 these systems are so popular in China and the U.S., and not so much in Australia. Australian coal operators use a 3.3-KVA power supply, which makes the use of VFDs cost prohibitive. System designs differ by region. "The classic U.S. system is a platform with pumps and tanks, but the Australian systems have screens monitoring everything," Wahl said. "Obviously, they could get by without it, but the Australian coal operators love it, so they have it. In the U.S., it's a much simpler system and they say put as many pumps as you can on the platform. In China and Russia, it looks more like a train, individual units chained together." As far as service and support, Kamat partners with regional firms, such as Morgantown Machine & Hydraulics, a subsidiary of Swanson Industries in the U.S., and Longwall Hydraulics in Aus- tralia. "Swanson has a great workshop and they can perform all sorts of services including major surgery on the pumps," Wahl said. "In general, our customers are able to do the standard service at the pumps even in China. These pumps are very easy to service. They don't need to remove the head. They can change the valves, the plunger, the packing and seals with the pump in place. For a halfway good fitter, it's a 1-hour job to replace valves and pistons." The pumps require some standard service. "The pistons last a long time, but the seals start to leak after so many hours depending on operating conditions and the quality of the fluids," Wahl said. "When the mines move the longwall, they perform more in-depth service. That's when they bring the whole platform into Swanson's shop. Swanson would replace a crankshaft and that's something we wouldn't expect the miners to do." Seeing the role that Kamat has played in the steady improvement in longwall operations, Wahl believes longwall operators will continue the transition to bigger pumps and the use of VFD technology. Underground Utility Vehicles Every successful underground mining operation is supported by a host of utility vehicles. Located in Emsbüren, Germany, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been supplying utility support equipment for more than 50 years now. The company's MinCa series features two basic models, the MinCa 18 and the MinCa 5.1. The vehicles are ex- tremely versatile and can be equipped for almost any application underground, using an interchangeable cassette system. The most common cassette is the personnel carrier. Other cassettes have been designed for service, diesel and lube trucks, water truck, explosives transportation and many others applications. The payload of MinCa 18 is almost 4 metric tons, which allows for heavy loads like the Mine Res- cue Vehicle (MRV) cassette, that Paus developed jointly with Draeger. The engine is located at the rear of the MinCa 5.1, which im- proves visibility for the driver and also allows for numerous engine concepts inside the engine compartment, including several diesel engines of different exhaust stages from Tier 2 to Tier 5 as well as battery electric drives. Both models are unmatched regarding their strong, helical spring-suspended axles and chassis, offering a unique comfort for driver and passengers. "MinCa has always been extremely safe," said Franz-Josef Paus. "From the beginning, we offered both ROPS and FOPS for driver and passenger-cassette. Braking is ensured by strong, wet disc brakes, including a posi-stop park brake. All passengers may have single seats with three-point belts, and of course both driver's cabin as well as passenger cabins can be equipped with full A/C and heating." Maintenance availability has always been a top priority for PAUS on all models. All service points, such as filters and gauges are easily accessible and visible, the chassis includes a number of openings to reach to all components. For some years now, PAUS has been developing battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). The first MinCa 5.1 E model was shown on bauma 2016. "This unit has undergone a lot of testing, currently the new generation with enhanced-battery technology is under way and will be shown on this year's bauma," Paus said. "We believe BEVs will take their share in underground mining, but not necessarily replace all diesel vehicles. Different parameters determine the ideal vehicle, such as mine infrastructure, layout, processes and, of course, type of vehicle or job to be performed." ForSee supplies the batteries and charging systems for the PAUS equipment. With the MinCa, there is no need to change the battery. The onboard capacity will be enough to power the machine for an 8-hour shift. "The MinCa 5.1 E is offered as standard with 50 kWh placed in the back, an optional 50 kWh in the front is also available," Paus said. Looking toward the future, PAUS sees the underground mining focusing more on two worlds, battery-powered equipment and auto- nomous operations. This transition will enhance the safety for min- ers, allow access difficult-to-reach areas and keep difficult mining environments profitable. PAUS will continue to cover both worlds. Automation, Communication and Energy Distribution For many years, Becker Mining Systems AG has continuously de- veloped the best available solutions for its customers within the mining industry. The company continues to provide solutions in the areas of automation, communication, energy distribution, haulage and infrastructure. With multiple product releases in 2019, Becker Mining Systems will break new ground in automation and energy distribution, preparing mines for an ever-increasing amount of data. All of its products are becoming smarter, integrating with its software solutions MineView and smartflow, allowing mining op- erations to achieve more from their data. Through MineView and smartflow, mining operations have a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling assets underground. These solutions offer AI capa- bilities to improve safety and productivity on-site. For underground haulage purposes, the company develops and manufactures market-leading rail technologies. The Minetrans mono- rail and floor-mounted trains present a clever modular kit, and are well- advanced solutions. These track-bound solutions also come electrically powered, and Becker has continuously improved these well-established solutions by integrating new and updated technologies. Having subsidiaries and service centers in all major mining regions enables Becker Mining Systems to provide prompt and comprehensive on-site assistance and emergency services. Product The Paus MinCa 5.1 range is a tried-and-tested concept for transporting personnel and material.

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