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VDMA 30 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2019 53 rope sheaves along with the corresponding automation and drive technology, braking systems with ultra-high safety standards as well as supervisory and coordination control units for the hoisting systems installed in the shaft. SIEMAG TECBERG will supply all hoisting machines, stage winch- es and rope sheaves needed for sinking the MTS shafts and for the subsequent tunneling phase involving mucking operations and ma- terial transport. They include four-stage winches, two double-drum hoisting machines, two single-drum heavy-duty hoisting machines and two single-drum hoisting machines as permanent auxiliary hoists. During the sinking phase for an MTS shaft, two synchronously operated stage winches are used to operate a multideck-shaft working platform in triple down-rope confi guration for the shaft-sinking phase. The MTS shafts will be sunk by conventional means (drill-and- blast). When the tunneling phase begins, the stage winches will be recommissioned in a double-down rope confi guration to lower TBM parts that could weigh as much as 110 mt to the MTS tunnel level. The double-drum hoisting machine is used as kibble hoist to transport material and muck while sinking the shaft. For tunnel boring opera- tions, this double-drum will be used for muck skipping after recom- missioning. The single-drum TBM cage hoist will be used for heavy- duty transport of materials, such as tunnel lining segments, rail seg- ments, construction material and other miscellaneous items. After the tunneling phase is completed, this hoist will be used to transport conveyor components to the MTS tunnel system. For emergency egress and the transportation of personnel to the shaft working platform or to the MTS tunnel level is undertaken by the auxiliary hoists. After the MTS shafts are excavated, the TBMs are lowered down the shaft in segments and reassembled underground. The fi rst 1,800- mt TBM arrived at the Wilton portal on February 18. The two other machines will be launched in 2020 to complete the fi nal 15 miles of the 6-m-diameter MTS-tunnel via the MTS shafts. Workers will oper- ate the TBMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, lining the tunnel with concrete segments as it goes. Sirius expect to reach the polyhalite seam in 2021 and to be producing 10 million mt/y of fertilizer by 2024. Mechanized Tunneling in Mining With 40 years of mechanized tunneling expertise, Herrenknecht de- velops innovative machine concepts for the mining market, setting new benchmarks in terms of effi ciency and safety. Whether for vertical access or production shafts, sloping access ramps, ventilation shafts or transport routes, Herrenknecht offers a wide range of drilling and boring equipment for the mining sector. During the construction of underground infrastructure, reliability, safety and effi ciency are pivotal. Herrenknecht's innovative mining machines are based on proven principles. They are optimally suited for safe, speedy and effi cient mechanized construction of shafts, galleries and horizontal drives. These technologies can be used for both small and large diameters and penetrate into any geology and depths of up to 2,000 meters (m). Project-specifi c designs take con- tractor wishes into account. For muck removal, pneumatic, hydrau- lic or mechanical methods can be used. The excavated material can also be removed through a lower level via a pilot hole. The Herrenknecht mining portfolio includes a variety of mech- anized shaft-boring technologies: Shaft Boring Roadheader (SBR), Shaft Boring Cutterhead (SBC), Extension Shaft Boring Machine (SBE), Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine (VSM), Shaft Drilling Jumbo (SDJ) and Shaft Boring Machine (SBM). Each has different advan- tages depending on the job-site requirements and general situa- tional conditions. Thanks to simultaneously executable workfl ows, high sinking speeds are possible. At the same time, these mecha- nized methods improve work safety in mines considerably. Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 5903 707-0 E-Mail: info@paus.de www.paus.de Paus Scalers are specially designed for use in mining and tunnelling. 50 years of experience are available for your individual and efficient solution. Showing their advantages even in challenging enviroments. You can count on them. Visit us on BAUMA 2019 Open Air Area FM 713/9 Utilization Advantage

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