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36 VDMA 2016 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT ABEL's HMD Pump for Filter Press Feed. Powered Handling and Lifting Equipment JD Neuhaus (JDN) has been designing and manufacturing handling equipment for more than 250 years, and pioneered the use of com- pressed air for powering handling equipment in the early 1950s. The latter development ensured that their lifting and pulling equipment was suitable for use in hazardous areas and environments where there was a risk of explosion. The company's hoists and hoisting equipment, which now also in- clude optional hydraulic-powered operation, are used worldwide in all major heavy industries. With a range that covers lift capacities from 250 kg up to a full 100 metric tons (mt), JDN air hoists offer reliable, high performance. Some of the typical advantages offered as standard include robust construction with a low-maintenance compact design. The units are relatively lightweight and easy to handle. They operate at low pressures (4 or 6 bar). The hoists can precisely position loads when using the relevant controls. The Ex-rated hoists ensure the highest levels of safety for operating in potentially explosive or oth- er dangerous atmospheres that can occur in coal mining and other environments. Over the years, JDN has developed many purpose designed prod- ucts for use in specific industries, such as mining, which is acknowl- edged as one of the toughest fields. The hoists can be found operating in multiple mining applications, such as pulling longwall roof supports, lifting and lowering on stationary platforms, in combination with mono- rails for equipment transport, lifting and lowering of objects in vertical shafts. JDN's M series air hoists have been designed specifically for mining and other underground applications. They operate off a 4-bar pressure and can be supplied in lift capacities of 1, 2, 3 and 6 mt. Twin chain pulls are provided for alternate working conditions and all hoists fea- ture a top hook mounting to accommodate oblique or horizontal pulling of loads. These products can be equipped with two optional control systems for single or two-handed operation. The DS system, which is designed for the two-handed operation, has compressed air connected to the hand-control valve. A built-in pressure regulator prevents hoist overload in the event of inadmissibly high air pressure. An oiler, situated directly at the hoist motor, is op- erated from the controller housing to ensure the oil flow automatically ceases when the hoist stops. The operating air immediately initiates the motor when the hand lever is activated. This lever is spring loaded and returns automatically to zero position when released. This forced release also serves as an emergency stop. The Profi TI series hoists are also suitable for use underground. Traverse trolleys for overhead monorail operation are also available for lift ratings up to 20 mt (max). These trolleys can be supplied for manual, reel chain and motorized traverse movements, with rack and pinion drives also available. Recently a Profi TI hoist with 37-mt lifting capacity was used to safe- ly and successfully handle an assembled 1,000-m pipeline string. This involved the connection of individual pipeline sections, each 8 m long, to create a completed string weighing 30 mt that had to be positioned within a mining shaft. JDN's Profi TI air hoist can lift 37 mt. Conveyor Components & Accessories Specializing in the supply of components for belt conveyors for all kinds of bulk handling industries, Schulte Strathaus, located in Unna, Germany, recently introduced STARCLEAN scrapers, which are de- signed to help conveyors operate more efficiently. The object was to provide optimum cleaning result from the first to the last minute of the blade's lifespan. This is achieved using the TWIST-SWING feature that ensures that every blade adapts to the belt and provides longest lifespans. Being experts in the field of belt cleaning, Schulte Strathaus knows that conveyor downtime is unacceptable and, when scraper blades are worn, the replacement should be carried out in a minimum of time. All STARCLEAN scrapers provide a plug-in foot and are insert- ed into the shaft without the use of any tools. This feature paired with the one-touch quick-tensioning devices ensures that the maintenance can be carried out within minutes. STARCLEAN scrapers have a plug-in feature to quickly change scrap- er blades.

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