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INDIA 2017 1 Editor's Note Miners Embrace Technology to Improve Safety and Production Last year, India overtook the USA to become the second largest coal producing nation behind China. While China produced a staggering 3.4 billion tonnes of coal in 2016, the USA saw its total annual output drop to 661 million tonnes—a level not seen in 20 years. At the same time India grew its coal production to 692 million tonnes. How long India holds the No. 2 position will be largely decided by demand and continuing efforts to build output. The USA expects to grow 15% in 2016, but India may easily grow more. In addition to coal, India is the fourth largest iron ore producer and is among the top 10 producers of various minerals such as chromite and zinc. Ironically, the country has been unable to satisfy demand with domestic resources. Two years ago India became a net importer of iron ore. India's aluminum industry is in a similar position. Despite having some of the largest known bauxite reserves, India imports bauxite to produce aluminum. No doubt as its population steadily climbs toward 1.3 billion people and global demand for resources grows, India will need to find a way to better leverage its resources. It will need to invest in the equipment and technology to open new, more efficient mines, and to retool existing mines and the supporting infrastructure. Realizing its bad bargaining position as an import-dependent economy, India has even started to explore and develop projects in other countries. Obviously, mining and mineral processing is becoming a very serious business for India. Each year, Mining Media International produces several regional editions by repurposing technical information from Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) and Coal Age, the two leading mining trade journals. E&MJ covers the metal mining and mineral processing business worldwide. It has about 20,000 readers who are mostly mine engineers, metallurgists and geologists. Coal Age covers the U.S. coal mining and processing sector, which only recently became the second largest coal producer behind China. It has more than 16,000 readers who are mostly mine engineers, mine managers and prep plant managers. For this 2017 edition of E&MJ/Coal Age India, several articles were selected that previously appeared in E&MJ and Coal Age or were submitted specifically for it. This edition also includes a special section, the Best of Germany, which was produced in cooperation with the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). Many of the mines in Germany have closed, but the region still makes some of the best mining equipment, and it exports its expertise to mining regions around the world. In this special section, VDMA members talk about how they are improving safety and technology. It also includes a directory of those companies as a reference tool. The best way for India to quickly grow its resource production capacity is through the use of engineering and better equipment and technology. For more than a century now, these mining trade journals have offered mining and processing professionals ideas on how to accomplish these goals. Enjoy this edition of E&MJ/Coal Age India. Sincerely, Steve Fiscor Publisher & Editor, E&MJ and Coal Age sfiscor@mining-media.com Steve Fiscor/Editor-in-Chief Steve Fiscor/Editor-in-Chief Steve Fiscor/Editor-in-Chief /Editor-in-Chief Steve Fiscor Editorial Publisher & Editor-In-Chief – Steve Fiscor, sfiscor@mining-media.com Associate Editor – Jennifer Jensen, jjensen@mining-media.com Technical Writer – Jesse Morton, jmorton@mining-media.com Contributing Editor – Russ Carter, rcarter@mining-media.com European Editor – Simon Walker, simon.emj@btinternet.com Latin American Editor – Oscar Martinez, omartinez@mining-media.com Graphic Designer – Tad Seabrook, tseabrook@mining-media.com Sales Eastern U.S. & Canada – Victor Matteucci, vmatteucci@mining-media.com Western U.S., Canada & Australia – Frank Strazzulla, fstrazzulla@mining-media.com Scandinavia, UK & European – Colm Barry, colm.barry@telia.com Germany – Gerd Strasmann, info@strasmann-media.de Production Manager – Dan Fitts, dfitts@mining-media.com Mining Media International Inc 11655 Central Parkway, Suite 306 Jacksonville, Florida 32224 U.S.A. Phone: +1.904.721.2925 • Fax: +1.904.721.2930 This publication was printed by: Starling Media, Kolkata, India. Phone: +91-98300 53601 E-mail: info@starling-media.com COPYRIGHT 2017: Coal Age. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Mine Safety Moves to the Digital Domain .............................................. 2 Indian Coal Industry— An Overview ......... 5 Best of Germany 2017 ................................ 9 Equipment & Technology .......................... 46 Table of Contents www.coalage.com www.mining-media.com www.e-mj.com 2017

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