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VDMA 19 2017 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT WIRTGEN GmbH · Reinhard-Wirtgen-Str. 2 . D-53578 Windhagen . T: +49 26 45 / 131 0 Surface Mining = Mining made easy. www.wirtgen.com/mining A WIRTGEN GROUP COMPANY 4200 SM: WIRTGEN Surface Miners cut, crush and load material in a single operation. WIRTGEN is the only manufacturer to cover a performance spectrum of up to 3,000 tons per hour with direct loading by conveyor belt. This high output is based on high- performance cutting technology and a wealth of experience acquired in three decades of application technology. Take advantage of innovative solutions from the technology leader. www.wirtgen.com years, Siemens has improved and optimized the cooling system, the modular design of these electrical rooms, the power distribution, and the automation and drive control so that they perfectly address the mining industry's specific requirements. At Cuajone, Siemens will continue the company's impressive track record of successful projects in South America — and rein- force its position as one of the leading suppliers of electrical and automation systems for the global mining industry. Fuel Filtration System To ensure reliable performance for Series 4000 mining engines operating in harsh conditions where fuel standards are difficult to uphold, MTU engineers designed a new upgrade to the fuel filtration system. The goal was to improve the system's ability to remove par- ticle contaminants in the fuel before they reach the injection system. The first aspect of the upgrade involves replacing the filter el- ements within the primary and secondary filtration unit with new MTU high-efficiency filtration elements. This ensures that filtered fuel meets the standards required by the Series 4000's common rail injection system. To achieve such high efficiency, the filter elements are embedded with extremely fine glass fibers, which enable a very high separation with maximum dirt holding capacity. The MTU High Performance Fuel Filtration kit includes two primary and two sec- ondary filter elements. The new filters are designed to have similar change-out in- tervals as the original filters. In extreme conditions, a significant increase in filtration is often accompanied by a reduction in filter lifetime within the primary and/or prefiltration system. To compen- sate for these reductions, MTU developed additional upgrades for both pre- and primary filtration units. To test the MTU Fuel Filtration Upgrade Kit, prototypes were in- stalled in 20-V 4000 MTU engines in 360-ton Liebherr T-282 mine haul trucks, at three mine sites: North Antelope Rochelle mine (Wy- oming, USA), Kaltim Prima Coal (Indonesia) and Mount Arthur Coal (Australia). As a benchmark, a standard fuel filter was installed in a similar truck at each site. Both trucks at each site endured a full 7,000 hours of operation under the same conditions. After the testing period, all the injectors were inspected and the results showed the new filtration offered significant improve- ments. Injectors showed less wear at 7,000 hours than at 3,000 hours with the original filtration system. Most cases showed a 50% to 60% improvement in longevity. In some cases, injector life was doubled. Removing the necessity of an injector change just once over the lifetime of an engine offers significant savings. In harsh con- ditions, several changes can be avoided. With the high-efficiency fuel filtration upgrade kit, reaching the expected life of the injector components is possible, even when fuel quality standards are dif- ficult or impossible to meet. In addition, fuel efficiency is improved and the risks of engine damage by worn injectors and other com- ponents are minimized. One of the first mine operations to choose the new upgrade kit was the Radomiro Tomic copper mine in Chile, one of the most chal- lenging sites in the world to meet stringent fuel standards. Locat- ed 9,800 ft above sea level, dust is ever-present and fuel must go through multiple transfers on its long trek to the site. Previously, injectors achieved nearly 4,000 hours of life. With the installation of the new upgrade, they are now achieving more than 8,000 hours. Unexpected equipment downtime has been dramatically re- duced as well. In addition to solving the problems associated with fuel contamination, the upgrade kit enabled the mine to keep follow- ing the same exchange intervals as the previous series production filters. Many haul truck engines at Radomiro Tomic work more than 20 hours a day. Every time equipment is down, it costs the mine operator money. Reducing maintenance time pays off exponentially over time, and across many vehicles in the fleet.

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