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VDMA 23 2017 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT SIEMAG TECBERG's comprehensive role included hoist and sheave design, engineering review by third-party consultants, man- ufacturing with ongoing quality assurance, factory assembly and acceptance testing, and packaging and transoceanic shipment to a controlled environment for long-term storage. Extensive site work follows for SIEMAG TECBERG's hoists spe- cialists and crews to install and commission the two hoists and corresponding sheaves. Maintaining Engineering Excellence Whenever coal operators face challenging conditions, Eickhoff has the solution. The German-based equipment manufacturer has successfully placed its longwall shearer loaders and con- tinuous miners in some of the most adverse mining conditions. While excellence in experience and service plays a big role in the company's success, Eickhoff also has its own foundry where it has developed special alloys for tough mining purposes to realize durability, stability and ease of refurbishment. Eickhoff as a pri- vately held business has maintained its high engineering standards for building mining equipment while some of its publicly held com- petitors abandoned the coal segment. Fortunately, the company has diversified into many areas, such as the specialized gearing for windmills, which allowed them to carry on with mining-related developments despite the global commodity trough. This allowed the company to prepare for the return of the mining business. The company has been concentrating on automation and it retained its software development teams to prepare for the eventual recovery in the coal market. With multilayered technical improvements and new developments, Eickhoff is now prepared for a market upturn in 2017. "We recently had some customers from eastern Europe revisit our office for the first time in many years and, as I was explaining the benefits of working with Eickhoff, they stopped me and explained that they have an Eickhoff shearer loader that has been running for 30 years," said Dr. Johannes Krings, director of sales of mining equip- ment at Eickhoff. "There was no need to explain to these gentlemen from the mining industry why they should spend their money on pre- mium equipment and the concept of least total cost of ownership." Last year, Eickhoff introduced the low-profile Eickhoff SL 300 L shearer loader and it successfully passed all testing for this fully automated machine. "We will place it underground in a high perfor- mance operation soon," Krings said. At the other end of the spectrum, Eickhoff is also building a new version of its SL 1000 with an impressive 8.8-m cutting height for China. "This is a major step for Eickhoff because it will be the largest shearer loader the company has ever manufactured, and it will be the largest shearer loader in the world," Krings said. "We are working on continuous sophistication and upgrading of the whole Eickhoff product portfolio behind the scenes," said Krings. "As an example, we are developing more sophisticated alloys in the foundry. That's why we are able to engineer such a compact and powerful shearer loader and that's also why miners from all over the world buy the state-of-the-art Eickhoff shearer loaders." In December, Eickhoff announced two new orders for SL 300 shearer loaders for the Kakanj and Raspotocje mines in Bosnia. That increased the current population up to eight Eickhoff shearer load- ers for the Balkan region. This news followed the delivery of shearer loaders to the Breza and Banovice mines also in Bosnia. In addition to longwall mining equipment, Eickhoff also supplies continuous miners and they have become quite popular in South Africa. A well-established South African contract mining company recently began cutting coal with an Eickhoff CM2H-30 continuous miner at Universal Coal's New Clydesdale Colliery in South Africa. Exxaro Coal Central, which currently produces 3.9 million mt/y from one surface mine and two underground mines, recently purchased a CM2H-30 for its Dorstfontein Complex, which operates three contin- uous miner sections. Eickhoff now has a total of 13 continuous min- ers currently operating in South Africa. Eickhoff continuous miners are also working in China, Russia and Belarus. "There are some interesting developments at the Dorstfontein Complex," said Dr. Uli Lange, deputy director of sales for Eickhoff. "They are running our 30-type continuous miner next to a com- petitive low-profile prototype machine. The performance of these two machines is being watched closely by all of the underground coal operators in South Africa. This Exxaro trial is very high on our South African miners together with the Eickhoff team stand proudly before the CM2H-30 continuous miner before it is deployed at the New Clydesdale Colliery.

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