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VDMA 30 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2017 About 75% of Peru's imports and exports pass through Callao. To satisfy the increasing demand for these valuable materials, the Peruvian government decided to expand the port. Besides addition- al storehouses, the plans also foresaw the largest, most modern ship-loading terminal in the country. Peru also wanted to change the way the raw materials were transported to the ship-loading areas. Before the construction of the special terminal, trucks were used to transport the concentrates from the warehouses to the port terminal. "Since Transportadora Callao started its operation, they could reduce the truck transports by 130,000 per year," explained Victor Sam, CEO at Transportadora Callao S.A. The company, a consortium comprising five enterprises from the mining and port industries (manufacturers and warehouse logistics operators), obtained a license from the state of Peru for building and operating the necessary infrastructure. The mines in central Peru transport their concentrates to the warehouses about 3 km from the port. That distance required a fully enclosed material handling system. Transportadora Callao opted for the Beumer pipe conveyor. "Together with the responsible persons from the port, we developed a solution that is perfectly adapted to the routing and the ambient conditions," said Helmut Wolf, pipe conveyor engineer for Beumer. The pipe conveyor not only protects the environment, it also con- veys over long distances and navigating tight turns, which reduces or eliminates transfer towers and the associated costs. The engineers use different dimensioning programs to determine the ideal belt de- sign. They calculated the tractive forces and forces that arise during acceleration and deceleration and also determined the possible curve radii. Special idlers and bearings reduce noise levels. "This improves the quality of the employees' day-to-day work environment," Wolf said. "Noise measurements along the pipe conveyor resulted in values that are consistently far below the permitted limit values," Sam said. Beumer supplied and installed a pipe conveyor with a center-line distance of 3,195 m. "Due to the system design and the required sys- tem capacity, we designed it with a diameter of 400 mm," Wolf said. "The conveyor transports 2,300 metric tons per hour (mt/h), at a speed of 4.5 m/s and is driven by three 650-kW motors. We equipped the system with filters, strippers, a dedusting unit and a control system." Trucks or trains offload concentrate at the storage area, where it is transported to an open access station. "A big challenge for us was integrating the pipe conveyor into the existing network," Wolf said. The pipe conveyor is the connection between individual belt conveyors from various manufacturers." The concentrate is received by a 43-m feeding conveyor that transfers it to the pipe conveyor at a height of 6 m. A dedusting unit ensures that no material is emitted during this process. At the end of the route, the conveying system runs along the seaside in the naval port of Callao to the transfer tower. Here, the belt opens automatically and transfers the material to another belt conveyor that conveys the ore to the ship-loading system. "This modern system, in operation now for more than 17 months, has increased concentrate loading times by 500% and reduced the ship's waiting time until loading by more than 80%," Sam said. "These advantages passed savings on to the exporters and has improved the competitiveness of the Peru's mining sector." Transportadora Callao is now able to handle ships for bulk products of up to 60,000 DWT with- out obstructing the work in the other terminals of the Port of Callao. Automation & Digitalization A pioneering technology leader for open-pit mining and bulk materi- al handling systems, ABB Germany through its Center of Excellence in Cottbus offers decades of expertise in electrification and auto- mation of the entire mining chain, from pit to port. The ABB team provides integrated products, services and solutions to help mining customers optimize the value chain. A great example of this expertise is successful, long-term partnership with Joy Global, a leading mining equipment supplier. During the last 10 years, ABB Germany has equipped 75 electric shovels with AC multidrive lineups, which are specifically developed for the most adverse conditions in open-pit mining. Daily, these shovels encounter high shock and vibration loads as they crowd and load rock from the face in some of the most challenging environ- mental conditions from the top of the Andes to the Arizona desert. ABB's proven ACS800 low-voltage drive systems are specifically de- signed and modified for the requirements of loading equipment. ABB is also participating in the electrification and automation of a 13-km-long conveyor system at the historic Chuquicamata copper mine. Once the project is completed, the conveyor system will be one of the world's largest and most complex systems and will deliver cop- per ore from the new underground mine directly to the concentrator. Chuqui is one of the largest open-pit copper mines and the second deepest open-pit mine, located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The mine has been operating since 1910 and today it is operated by Corporación Nacional del Cobre (Codelco) — Chile's national copper mining company and the leading copper producer. To cover both steep gradients and long distances, the conveyor flights will be powered up to 20 MW and 55 MW in total. In the final stage, the system will transport more than 11,000 tons per hour of material, the same freight as approximately 158 railcars per hour. ABB's delivered a complete power and automation solution, which includes gearless drives, motors, instrumentation and power supply products. The equipment will be custom-engineered to on- site requirements to optimally power, control, measure and actuate the conveyor system. The solution will fully integrate the belt's power and automation through ABB's flagship 800xA control system, com- bined with a Mining Conveyor Control Program (MCCP) to ensure optimum power quality and control across the entire system. A key part of ABB's delivery is the gearless conveyor drive sys- tem. This is a state-of-the-art solution to meet the extremely high load requirements and the necessary power availability, which would not have been achievable with a conventional drive solution. This gearless conveyor drive system eliminates the gearbox from the motor, thus significantly reducing the number of main wear parts, resulting in less maintenance needed and ensuring a longer lifes- pan of the solution. Other advantages are the considerable reduc- tion in the drive system's footprint and the amount of instrumenta- ABB engineered the gearless drives, motors, instrumentation and power supply for the 13-km overland conveyor at Chuquicamata.

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