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Best of Germany 2014 - Mining Equipment and Mining Technology

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VDMA 15 2018 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT What sets SIEMAG TECBERG apart for others is its detailed engi- neering and design work, and its ability to fabricate large systems. Over the last 10 years, the engineering team has used modern fi- nite element analysis systems to improve existing designs and to produce new drum technologies. The company has its own types of specially designed slide bearings, types of brake elements and ap- proved electrohydraulic braking systems with deceleration controls. "We are only one of a very few companies in the world with the abil- ity to deliver such types of large hoisting sytsmems," Krenzer said. "And, the 90-ton main shaft for the Norilsk Nickel double-drum Blair hoist is the largest hoist shaft we have ever supplied." From a mining engineering perspective, Norilsk Nickels's SKS1 project will be a major shaft-hoisting achievement. Designing a Koepe system that will hoist 2 km in a single lift is a feat unto itself. In addition to the 90-ton main shaft, SIEMAG TECBERG will also ship about 3,000 tons of equipment to the mine site and they will charter a vessel to transport the two shaft-hoisting kits with service auxiliaries form Germany to Russia. "This is a very big, exciting project for us with a lot of firsts," Krenzer said. "For many years, Norilsk Nickel has relied on our equip- ment, but now they have asked us to supply complete service and production hoisting systems with a defined yearly output." Throughout its history, which began in a blacksmith shop in 1871, SIEMAG TECBERG has always focused on quality craftsman- ship and has never shied away from major projects. Today that tra- dition continues as the company broadens its scope from a compo- nent supplier to a systems provider. Water-based Hydraulic Solutions The Hauhinco name is synonymous with water-hydraulic systems for longwall mining, and they have evolved with mining markets. In 1981, they established a subsidiary close to Pittsburgh to service a growing longwall business in the USA. Today, they have mining and industrial partners around the world. "Wherever there is a long- wall market, you will find Hauhinco," said Holger Hoffmann, general manager. "We are the leading supplier for high-pressure water hy- draulic applications and we are developing new solutions here in Germany." The Hauhinco production facilities in Sprockhövel look much different today than they did 110 years ago. At peak times, 300 employees were building Pickaxes and rock drills to support not only the local miners extracting coal in the Ruhr Valley, but also to mines in neighboring countries. Today, the company's engineers and factory workers have the same level of commitment to quality man- ufacturing, but they have more sophisticated tools and they supply equipment and solutions worldwide. "We have made a significant investment in our manufacturing and testing machinery during the last three years," said Christopher Durst, strategic marketing man- ager, Hauhinco. "Tolerances today are tight and to meet production standards, we need to use the most modern equipment." Training, quality control, and research and development are three areas where the company is committed to excellence, Hoffmann explained. Hauhinco not only has an apprentice program to train its own employees, but they also have a training center for their custom- ers. They have a shield sitting on the factory floor next to a classroom where instructors can teach both theory and offer hands-on training. Hauhinco is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015. "Each system is tested and receives a certificate before it leaves this fac- tory," Hoffmann said. "We want to make sure everything works as planned. The last thing we want is for a mine in Australia to take a pump or a valve underground only to find it does not work." LIFE CAN BE SO SIMPLE EICKHOFF SL SHEARER SERIES Highest reliability combined with state of the art automation features make work at coal faces the most productive and safest ever. Eickhoff SL Shearer series represent the apex of longwall shearer technology. Even in diffi cult applications and harshest mining conditions, the most powerful and reliable solutions are attained through Eickhoff. We continually demonstrate why longwall operators rely on us. Input Output Experience has no substitute · Eickhoff since 1864 WWW.EICKHOFF-INTERNATIONAL.COM: AUSTRALIA · BELORUSSIA · CHINA · GERMANY · POLAND · RUSSIA · SOUTH AFRICA · USA

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