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Best of Germany 2014 - Mining Equipment and Mining Technology

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VDMA 19 2018 • VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT copper mine in Panama purchased three. The company also placed its first T 284 in Canada as well. In additional to a full line of trucks and excavators, Liebherr also makes and supplies ancillary equipment that supports the mining business, such as dozers and diesel engines. At a field demonstration at the Erzberg iron ore mine in Leo- ben, Austria, during October, Liebherr showcased its T 236 mining truck. This 100-metric-ton (mt) haul truck, which is powered by a diesel-electric drive system, is the first in this class to incorporate an oil-immersed braking system with four-fcorner retarding capa- bilities, providing reliable braking technology. The T 236 takes advantage of Liebherr's electric-drive sys- tem innovations with the introduction of the vertically integrated Li- tronic Plus Generation 2 AC-drive system. Referring to it as the next evolution in electric-drive system design, Liebherr said the drive sys- tem introduces advanced, active front-end technology. Making efficient use of electrical energy during retarding events, the drive system con- trols engine speed with almost no fuel consumption. A variable-speed hydraulic system reduces parasitic losses to provide maximum power, while lowering fuel consumption when power is not required. With its high take-off torque and continuous power to ground capability, Liebherr said the T 236 is less sensitive to grade and payload variations. Liebherr also rolled out a new crawler tractor at the Erzberg mine. The 50-mt PR 766 crawler tractor was designed for power, low emissions, efficiency, driver comfort and durability. The dozer features a hydrostatic drive, ECO function, a 310-kW engine, and an ergonomic cab. A LiDAT fleet management system, which comes standard, provides comprehensive machine data via state-of-the-art com- munication technology, Liebherr reported. This improves efficiency by enabling optimized operational planning and reliable remote monitoring. Data is updated several times a day and can be called up at any time using a web browser. An automatic alarm can be set for important information, for example, if the machine leaves a predefined zone or if a critical operating situation arises. Liebherr's components division designs and manufactures min- ing engines from 565 kW up to 2,013 kW for the Liebherr hydraulic excavators. The R 9100 B and R 9150 B are using the D9512, a V12 engine assembled in Bulle, Switzerland, and the R 9400 is currently testing the brand new D9812 from Colmar, France. The Liebherr group has relied on its extensive market knowledge and experience of the mining industry to manufacture V-type en- gines tailored for these kind of applications. The engines have been engineered to face the most challenging mining environments, such as dust, heat, humidity, vibrations and extreme cold conditions. All Liebherr diesel engines are also based on solid and secure designs with constant quality assurance and process monitoring to ensure the highest quality standards, parts reliability, and on-site safety. With productivity and efficiency as key factors for excavators, Liebherr engines can reach outstanding performances and deliver required horsepower at the most demanding moments. This results in a reduction of everyday costs per ton while optimizing the fuel consumption of the machines. The Liebherr engines also benefit from best-in-class cylinder power densities, increasing cycle times for the excavators, and delivering greater productivity outcomes. Further- more, the engines comply with the most stringent emissions regula- tions thanks to innovative exhaust gas aftertreatment solutions. Liebherr offers dedicated parts supply and technical service support to its customers in order to reduce operating costs and maximize machines uptimes. Liebherr diesel engines are designed for quick and easy servicing, extending maintenance intervals. Lieb- herr is finally combining its in-house engines with Liebherr mining excavators to achieve on-site availability and low total cost of own- ership, the company said. A Paradigm Shift for Maintenance Seeing the promise that digitalization holds, RWE Technology International GmbH continuously improved its maintenance pro- gram by eliminating paper and developing an app. Soon it plans to add component tracking with real-time updates similar to the service consumers receive today from DHL or Amazon. RWE generates power for Germany burning brown coal that is mined from large open-pit operations that use a combination of 20 bucketwheel excavators (BWEs) and 19 spreaders and more than 250 km of conveyors. The massive mining equipment and coal transportation network require regular maintenance. About eight years ago, RWE began to look at a holistic approach to maintenance that has now evolved into mobile solutions with apps. In 2010, the company introduced a maintenance management system based on key performance indicators (KPIs). A year later, they A copper mine in Panama recently purchased several Liebherr T 284 haul trucks.

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