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Best of Germany 2014 - Mining Equipment and Mining Technology

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VDMA 34 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT • 2018 triplex pumps. The housing was developed and optimized by KAMAT in close collaboration with the IFAS Institute at the Ruhr University Bochum who also simulated the thermal load of the pumps and carried out the respective optimizations. The quintuplex pumps furthermore offer the same advantages as the redesigned triplex pumps. They operate at extremely low- noise and low-vibration levels and are capable of working at full operating pressure over a speed range of 10% to 100% in con- junction with speed-controlled drives. Thus, they can ideally be adapted to the respective volume flow requirements. The flow rate is not controlled through unloading valves in on/off technique but through an electronically controlled speed regulation of the pump. As a result, wear is significantly reduced since the pump, the pipes and the valves are subjected to far less load. The first 530-kW quintuplex pump was quickly followed by an 800-kW model. The two versions are already produced in the series, and the operators benefit from significant cost savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance and service bills: Three 800- kW pumps — one each as a master, slave and standby unit, which is the common constellation — are able to generate even very large volume flows at pressures up to 3,500 bar at highly economical rates. In 2017, KAMAT added a quintuplex pump with a rating of 1,200 kW to the portfolio. Mine Duty Air Hoists JD Neuhaus air hoists have been designed specifically for mining and other underground applications including their M series air hoists. They operate off a 4-bar pressure and can be supplied in lift capacities of 1, 2, 3 and 6 metric tons (mt). Twin chain pulls are provided for alternate working and all hoists feature a top hook mounting to accommodate oblique or horizontal pulling of loads. These products can be equipped with two optional control systems for single- or two-handed operation. The DS system, which is designed for the two-handed operation, has compressed air connected to the hand-control valve. A built-in pressure regulator prevents hoist overload in the event of inadmis- Anticipating maintenance needs is essential to keeping heavy equipment up and running, yet many technicians are hamstringed by ineffi cient, manual processes. By combining critical data with diagnostics capabilities, this real-time app helps increase productivity, reduce equipment downtime and lower the overall cost of maintenance. RWE supports you in your digital transformation towards a more effi cient and optimized maintenance process. RWE Asset Care. t Ca Powering. Reliable. Future. T +49 201 12-28742 E re@rwe.com I www.rweti.com JD Neuhaus Profi 37 TI hoist successfully handles a 1,000-meter-long pipeline string weighing 30 metric tons, being positioned within a mining shaft.

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